Get out and eat the pies!

Welcome to Evscaperoom, a light-hearted "escape room" with some unexpected twists and a full story.

The Jester wants to win your village's pie-eating contest. You are one of her most dangerous opponents.
She tricked you over to her cabin outside of town and now you are locked in!

You look around. The place seems set up to challenge you. No doubt she'll mock you endlessly if you can't figure a way out of here.
This is beyond her usual pranks though - she's been planning this for a while, that much is clear.

Find your way out of the Jester's cabin in time for the pie-eating contest. Beat her at her own game!
Maybe you'll dig up a dark secret or two about your village while you're at it. And eat a pie or three.

This game was created in slightly less than a month (April 17 to May 15, 2019) for the MUD Coder's Guild's Game Jam. The theme for this jam was One Room. After voting, it ended up at position #1 in the jam!

Web client
Play in the browser (best with a real keyboard, not a phone)
Telnet, port 4000
Dev blog
The first part of this blog deals with the game design and planning whereas part two covers more technical aspects and gives some conclusions and lessons learned. Check it out!
Let me know what you think! You can find me In the Evennia dev channel. You can also ping me on the MUD Coder's Guild Slack channel.
Report bugs
If you find bugs you can report them to the github bug tracker.
Source code This is an Evennia game dir. See install instructions in the README. The parts of the code created for this jam is almost all contained in the evscaperoom subfolder.
BSD licenced.
Game Features

Create a new room to play from start or join an existing one.

Work together to escape the room or play solo. Collaborate with free-form emoting or say/whisper/shouts.

Lots of possible actions, including standing/climbing/lying down on things.

Full pie-based help system if you get stuck.

Talking, somewhat creepy, monkeys.

Scoring, group/individual achievements and several different endings.

Several accessibility options for displaying items, as well as screenreader mode.

A (maybe surprisingly) layered story.

Pies. Lots of pies.


Coded in Python using the Evennia library/server.

Newly coded mini-'engine' on top of Evennia for handling the escaperoom states as separate Python files.

Newly written, highly specialized input commands dynamically generated from the object being investigated

No inventory system - you cannot pick anything up (and then log off ...). Instead you 'focus' on objects to operate on them (similar to clicking on an item in a graphical adventure game).

Game is created entirely in code - no 'building'. Rooms are generated on the fly from code and are modified dynamically (but not procedurally) as the game continues.

Well documented code, with unit tests.


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